WebbMason Customer Journeys
Healthcare Consumer Personal Journey

Online and offline multi-touch journey in healthcare. WebbMason's data-driven, personalized approach includes a reward and loyalty program, as well as mail, email, landing pages and comprehensive real-time reporting of all channel activity.
Hotel Executive Personal Journey

Brand-faithful customization and localization of marketing assets and campaigns. WebbMason's MarketingBench asset customization and distribution system streamlines the development and deployment of everything this hotel executive needs to for brand presence in his hotel and campaigns to boost business.

Care Providers & Insurance Providers

WebbMason's One-to-One Member & Prospect Engagement Journeys build your relationship with your members throughout the lifecycle by using data-driven insights derived from analytics. This approach allows you to see just where your members and prospects are in their healthcare journey- allowing you to measure, target, and save on spend as you garner action and drive higher member satisfaction rates. These processes also promote a healthier and more personal service relationship that focuses on each member's specific needs-leading to higher member satisfaction and retention.

Our Specialty: One-to-One Marketing Journeys that Drive Industry-Best Conversion Rates Our advanced online and offline solutions and exceptional team are on call for clients that include:

Healthcare Providers: Marketing services to support every type of provider communications.

Insurance Providers: Member and Prospect Journeys that acquire, nurture, renew and grow businesses and customers.

Medical Suppliers: Technology and marketing support that can include any or all of the above.

Our programs also help encourage healthier living, which benefits all parties. We are active in both the under and over 65-year-old categories.

Complete Engagement Through All Channels

The member engagement journey starts with our 360 dashboard and continues with highly targeted incentives and communications that help to increase membership engagement through multiple communications that help to increase membership engagement- both online and offline:

  • Reward and loyalty programs incent and maintain healthy behaviors and can be important member touches
  • Advertising and ad channel support
  • Direct mail, member sites, email, landing pages
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting of all channel activity
  • Plan Comparison Guide helps insurance provider help desk/member advocate teams inform members and prospects.

State-of-the-art Data Security, Compliance, and Audit

Properly protected data is essential to your company, and it's another outstanding feature of working with WebbMason. We have adopted policies and procedures that ensure that all digital payment information, protected health information, and any private and non-public data is kept secure and confidential- you can even track what has reached your customers. WebbMason is PCI DSS 3.0, HIPAA and GLBA compliant.

Everything we do works to achieve a better business outcome for healthcare marketers. What we do differently:

  • Deliver a complete Member 360 insight
  • Enhance and manage the member experience across multiple touch points
  • Reduce program management and execution costs
  • Create full visibility into program campaigns
  • Provide proactive communications to engage and educate members

Higher Education

Do you have the right stuff to recruit the students you want? We do. And we can help.

With marketing demanding a more targeted approach than ever, the strategy to increase your yield should be as well. Today's students demand a closer touch, more interaction with the schools they favor, and seek answers that are specific to their personal preferences and curriculum. Most of all, they demand ease through instant communication. The answer? A marketing strategy targeted specifically to higher education that utilizes an analytics-driven approach to help colleges and universities reach their targeted student audiences. Communication takes place through search engines, mobile smartphones, text messaging, direct marketing, email and social media.

At WebbMason, we're your academic advisors- helping you create, deliver and direct your efforts by tracking what works, what is not working, and providing you with the intelligence you need to make more informed decisions. So you score even better next year (and the year after that).

We've done our homework. And raised the grades for Higher Education Marketing.

We combine our technological and human talent to consult, create, deliver and analyze. Every resource is right here. We offer marketing, advertising, social media, on and offline direct response- along with some of the most sophisticated online tools available today.

WebbMason's Higher Education tactics will help your institution:

  • Digital Strategy, Execution, and Delivery
  • Direct Marketing
  • Print Services Collateral
  • Direct Mail
  • Application Materials
  • Promotions- Have Students Remember Your Brand
  • Dashboard Data and Analytics

Profit from our technology-driven, student-centric approach.

Colleges and universities that understand the power of intelligently harnessing today's technology have seen their yield increase year by year. This doesn't mean you have to give up on traditional methods. But when the value of each prospective student is instantly viewable, you can adjust your tactics to suit your needs.

By utilizing digital communications, you not only save money on postage- you also have easy access to the intelligence you need to make more informed decisions. Do you understand which students are engaging? Have a trackable history of what has proved successful? In higher education, it's all about better planning for next year.

Gain a clear understanding of where you are. And how to spend your money.

As the future of higher education marketing progresses, data will be utilized at an ever more granular level. So if you're hesitant to evolve your marketing methods, your results will suffer.

Ironically, knowing which resources to utilize can seem overwhelming. Harnessing them incorrectly can lead to underwhelming results. Are you targeting in the best way? Who is responding? Can you easily view what methods work, and which can be improved? Should you pull back on traditional or digital marketing, or spend more? Are there opportunities to get more of the students you want while spending less on less efficient target groups and approaches? You need to know if you want to improve results.

WebbMason provides the data and analytical power for trackability and transparency- in real-time.

Time has taught us there is no arguing with the facts. Our data programs offer instant insight into where you are in your program and how to produce even better results next year.

Create touch points that speak louder to student prospects.

In today's market, content is king. Students are among the most responsive audiences to content that addresses their particular interests and concerns. Creating and delivering customized content allows you to personalize your message to each student and influence their decisions more directly- whether your efforts include direct mail, collateral, email, social media, or targeted digital campaigns.

Our creative, development and digital resources are at your service and ready to create strategically driven messages that work where it counts the most. Our expertise focuses on getting results. Our creative success stems from experience in your field, and data that informs strategy. And we measure performance every step of the way- so you can plan ahead and adjust your strategy.

Political Marketing

Critical Urgency: How We Support Your Campaign We know the critical urgency that defines campaigns. We have built the most responsive service capability available to help you deliver better services to your clients, whether they are individual candidates or public interest causes.

WebbMason provides advertising and direct marketing services that enable political consultants to provide more reliable, campaign-effective services that are also more cost-effective. Our single-minded goal is to provide a better business outcome for you and your clients.

Everything You Need: Advertising Services, Media Purchase, Real-Time All Channel Dashboards To exceed your expectations we match a seasoned team to your requirements. We configure exactly the service you need so that the value we add can make a positive difference in the outcomes of your campaigns. Of critical importance- we provide integrated real-time dashboards to analyze and optimize reach, messaging and impact across all channels.

Advertising & Media Campaign Advertising and Marketing Services tailored for Political Consultants WebbMason provides strategy, creative and media for all types of advertising. We have the team, talent and drive to make every project and campaign exceptional.Our team includes creative leadership, producers, copywriters and content specialists, designers, developers, media planners and buyers. Working in tandem with our data, analytics and direct marketing teams drives a more cohesive, integrated effort that produces higher returns for you.

Programmatic Online Media Savings & Transparency WebbMason provides programmatic services in-house, giving you the very best practices for media purchase, without additional markups that are the norm today. You control the strategy and the messaging, but we can help you better plan and execute your online advertising. The goal is more impact for every dollar you spend for online media. For online advertising, WebbMason has eliminated the ?middlemen? and multiple agency markups that are today's norm. We put more of your dollars to work in the media purchased.


More Transparency Pre-Purchase: Before you commit to your media, you will see every detail of the strategies and the specific media purchases that will drive each of your campaigns. During the Campaign: When your campaign is live, you will see performance data for each campaign in real-time. You can monitor relative performance of different creative messages and executions, creative size or device and many more criteria. Post Campaign: WebbMason's Full Campaign Report and Analytics includes complete performance and cost information for every aspect of your information, including site-level information.

We provide ongoing consultative support and recommendations for changes that can drive improvements. WebbMason clients are able to view the in-depth, real-time performance of their campaigns from any device. This capability allows political consultants to provide their clients with timely and complete reporting on the advertising program.

Mobile Engagement Mobile touches are part of every campaign today. Your target audience is using their phones all day long. Your campaign needs to take best advantage of what may be the most powerful ad media choice today- mobile advertising and content.

  • Key mobile ad size included in every package
  • Mobile optimized landing pages
  • Reaching the most valuable users across all devices and experiences

Direct Marketing High-Performing Direct Marketing Campaigns That Exceed Expectations For Even The Most Complex Campaigns- On Time and With The Highest Quality

Today, one-to-one marketing is possible to a degree unheard of just a few years ago. WebbMason's direct marketing leverages both online and offline customer touches, driving the highest solicitation conversions and voter impact.

Measurement and data science track every campaign variation and microsegment. Optimization is simpler, more comprehensive and continuous.

Just as every aspect of online advertising is performed in-house at WebbMason, we have complete facilities for high volume and complex direct marketing campaigns in-house as well.

We can not only meet your planned schedule requirements, we can add campaign activity to your plans with unmatched responsiveness. A WebbMason relationship gives you the ability to handle more clients, more responsively, than ever before.

Outcome marketing for Over 500 Companies and Organizations. How can we best serve you?