March 29, 2019

WebbMason Healthcare Solutions Group: Move fast and respond quickly.

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About 4 years ago, a team of thought leaders presented a plan to increase our focus on healthcare. There were two major market factors that we could see that potentially offered significant opportunity to truly optimize the document management process.

Data Integration (“Big Data”) and Reporting – Creating a 360 degree view of the patient/member was quickly becoming the holy grail for health insurers and hospital systems. Additionally, interactive, real-time dashboards were becoming critical for the business users (e.g., clinicians, CEOs, and improvement teams) who need quick and insightful answers to their questions in an easy-to-understand format.

Consumerism and Transparency – Healthcare consumerism, such as high deductible plans, require that patients have access to data for their decision-making. Previous preferred providers and networks are yielding way to social media as real-time provider recommendations. Connecting how and when consumers talk about their healthcare experiences is key

Looking at what it would take to really succeed in being a reliable partner the plan included: 

SEO/SEM: Insurance providers need to incorporate a top of funnel search engine optimized strategy in their plan. If potential or existing patients first seek information online, and they can’t even find your hospital or practice, you aren’t even in the ball game!

Website/Mobile APP: Simply stated, you not only need a website that creates a positive visitor experience, it needed to be mobile responsive. Patients or their caregivers have no patience for hard-to-use websites on their phone or tablet.

Content Management: It stands to reason then that there will be a continued demand for educational content in the form of blogs, social media, white papers, checklists, videos, podcasts and email that are designed to create a personalized experience for the patient. Developing a content strategy that touches the patient at the right time, with the right information in the right channel will be a key element of developing a relationship with potential new patients.

Data: Data analysis will soon trump data gathering. Healthcare marketers have a wealth of data available to them that can help prove ROI. But gathering that data from different sources and compiling it takes time. I expect to see marketers focus on tools and solutions that let them spend their time analyzing data rather than gathering it.

Technology (i.e. Dashboards): Providers are focusing on turnkey solutions that can help bridge the gap between the member and the PCP’s or hospital organization. Having a focused approach on delivering accurate and meaningful data is critical and sometimes overlooked.

Technology (i.e. MarketingBench): Most healthcare organizations have multiple marketing programs, leading to multiple systems and ways of creating content and managing programs. It’s best to find the starting line for one program and move toward a

Vendor Managed Programs: Last but not least, organizations are looking toward innovation brought by companies that can tie the loose ends together. They are looking for a seamless flow between data, content, analysis and output. Achieving this balance with one vendor can be difficult.

Fast Forward to this summer where WebbMason Healthcare Solutions Group was recognized as a Top 10 Document Management Solutions provider by Healthcare Tech Outlook. Our partnerships and experience over those 48 or so months has catapulted what was once a simple two-page vision document into a leading edge, trusted solution for many of today’s top-tier health plans and care providers. 

Our healthcare alliance includes providing:

  • Marketing services suite of print, promo, digital, distribution, analytics and strategy for their current business model as well as their different verticals. 
  • Using analytics to create meaningful connections between consumers and brands by defining what interactions are important to customers, turning consumer data into actionable insight, creating a relevant to the experience, and using technology to collect, learn and deliver on our promise to engage the customer.
  • Loyalty programs that connect brands and people through value solutions including the management of stored value products (gift cards), promotions and rewards programs across multiple channels.
  • Providing behavior-based gap in care programs that merge science, social determinants of health, technology, people and processes to optimize the probability that one or more targeted behaviors occur.

WebbMason Marketing Healthcare Solutions Group understands a trusted partner can’t learn on the job. Data is multi-faceted and dynamic, often coming from multiple sources across the organization and our team has extensive experience that an increasing number of the nation’s leading health plans count on as the backbone of their marketing and communication. Solving complex problems for clients is a cornerstone of WebbMason – we live this every day!!  

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