Marketing Analytics

From tracking KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that advance your goals to providing you with the highest levels of transparency, WebbMason Marketing delivers the data you need to measure, analyze and manage your marketing performance and maximize your ROI (Return on Investment).

We have the experience, teams and tools to analyze all your data, generate insights and produce impressive marketing results.

Data-Driven to Generate Better Outcomes

WebbMason Marketing has invested heavily in business intelligence tools and platforms to provide you with the business-critical insights you need to succeed in today’s competitive sales and marketing space.

Real-time Sales-Enablement Suite with Powerful Business Intelligence

MarketingBench is our sales-enablement platform that helps brands manage print, promotion and other collateral, and puts vital business intelligence at your fingertips.

Our real-time reports tell you what marketing collateral is being used, by whom and what it costs in easy-to-read charts and graphs.

Holistic Dashboards for Digital Media and Advertising Programs

Our real-time dashboard gives clients instant access to everything they need to know about their digital advertising campaigns:

  • Audience activity across channels and devices
  • Devices, channels and profiles of people on direct mail lists so we can track the effectiveness of integrated direct mail and digital programs
  • Audience segmentation
  • Detailed view of ad campaigns (PPC, programmatic, TV & radio, geotargeting and more)
  • KPIs for all campaigns
  • Media spending and budgets

Ad Buying that’s Powered by Data Science

Using the most advanced technology and tools on the market, our trade desk services team has access to real-time data for cost-effective bidding, but it also provides the information we need to monitor and improve campaigns.

Website Insights that Help to Build Brands and Deliver Leads

From tracking the number of visitors to your site to what pages they visit and for how long, website analytics data is foundational to just about everything you do online.

At WebbMason Marketing, we go beyond reporting the numbers. We use the latest search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing (SEM) techniques to attract and monitor your target audience. The collection of high-quality data allows us to offer many advanced marketing services, including:

  • Website experiences personalized to a visitor’s interests
  • CRM integration and visitor tracking
  • Monitoring shopping carts and purchasing patterns on e-commerce sites
  • Tracking visitors across social media
  • Email marketing integration

Social Media Analytics

From tracking brand engagement and mentions to analyzing social platforms for market information, WebbMason Marketing has a full suite of services to identify, analyze and interpret social data.

Data-First Approach to Healthcare Communications Workflows

WebbMason’s Healthcare Solutions Group provides specialized data and analytics programs for health plans, service providers and medical device manufacturers.

Our end-to-end communications workflow aggregates member data from a variety of sources such as doctor’s offices, pharmacies and even call centers. With access to the right data, organizations can manage communications across some or all touchpoints in the patient journey.

Dynamic AI Platform with a Comprehensive Dashboard

The platform comprises data management using AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms, a suite of workflow tools with dynamic, user-driven templates, as well as a dashboard with real-time file and omni-channel delivery and tracking.

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