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Technology services streamline marketing program operations

WebbMason Marketing is the leader in marketing automation for creative assets. Technology partner to hundreds of companies and organizations, we focus on solutions that provide marketing traction-in targeting, execution, channel effectiveness and in ongoing learning and performance improvement.

MarketingBench Customization, Distribution & Management

MarketingBench(TM) customizes, distributes and manages marketing assets for every
type of distribution channel. We brand the system according to your standards
and we institute your business rules. You know your campaigns are being executed
flawlessly across your channels.

  • Catalogued Digital and Physical Marketing Assets
  • Extensive Asset Customization Features
  • Outstanding Web to Print Capabilities
  • Localization is easy – and your brand guidelines are ensured
  • Over 900 Sites
  • Over 1.75 million Channel Users
  • 20+ Years of Successful Experience

Feel confident knowing your campaigns are being executed flawlessly across your channels. Localization is easy-and brand guidelines are ensured. This maximizes your campaign effectiveness.

Real-Time All Channel Dashboards

WebbMason provides you all of the relevant data from advertising, websites, landing pages, email, call center, chat, direct mail and CRM-all from one dashboard. Your campaigns need comprehensive reporting across every channel to guide performance improvements and accurately track total investment return. WebbMason can cut the lead times to automatically gather data from every relevant source. We provide the most complete picture. You view it all on your desktop-in real time. We instantly feed the data back to your company systems-CRM, data warehouse or business intelligence (BI) solutions. So you always have access to the intelligence that drives ongoing performance improvements.

WebbMason Advanced Analytics & Segmentation Engine

WebbMason’s solution is perfect for building, cost-effectively maintaining and operating data lakes, advanced analytics for campaigns and other big data missions. Compatible with all leading business intelligence solutions and data warehouses. This solution simplifies data operations for marketing or other functional areas. The system can be driven by secure cloud resources or operated in your data center. Churn Models produce a “Likelihood to Renew” score for every customer. Key drivers of the score are shown as horizontal bars. By focusing on those customers who are “on-the-fence,” marketing dollars can drive the highest ROI.

Interactive Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement is the art of empowering sales distribution networks and channels with savvy and sophisticated marketing tactics to consume, present and deploy throughout the sales process. Today 70%-90% of content for use throughout the sales process is never used, which is a direct result of the collaboration between marketing and sales, weak creative and antiquated technology. WebbMason has the creative, technology and passion to unify marketing and sales, while optimizing the customer experience at every touchpoint.

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